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Our Capabilities
Our services include professional Web Development, Web Design, eCommerce services, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing, Interactive Design and Mobile. Apart from that we can do custom development in various platforms which are of customer’s priority.

Web Design & Development

SGB specializes is a highly competent company and provides the highest quality services on Web Design and Web Development. We always strive for perfection in the products, which we deliver to our clients. Customer’s satisfaction is our objective. We always apply a personal approach to our customers especially during web development phases. We provide our clients with opportunity to participate in managing the development process and suggest implementation the required tweaks.

E-commerce, Retail Services

SGB is a company, which provides high-quality services on development eCommerce portals and helps your business grow online. We follow our client through the whole process of planning, development, improving and maintaining the website and strive for making your portal outshine competitors, which is one of the key success factors in doing business on the Internet because there are dozens of websites on the web. We always add unique and appealing features for the websites we develop. We build eCommerce portals so that they reach their main goal – to sell your products.

UI,UX Interactive Design

We at SGB offer a range of services on development of interactive design for your web sites and building Mobile versions of web sites. We are a specialized team of professional designers as well as professional mobile developers. We strive for making your web site glossy and pretentious so that visitors will definitely become your loyal customers. Interactive Design is a laborious process, during which we mix graphics, content, programming, visual and sound effects in the right proportions. We also emphasise the functionality of the developed product. We make beautiful and effective business tool to attract and retain customers. They are easy to use and nice to show. Our developers are required, above all, to have the ability to think over a variety of categories. Our team has the ability to put ourselves in the shoes of both the customer and the client and understand their needs.

Responsive Websites and MOBILE Applications

The main objective of graphic design is to help the user quickly and intuitively become oriented on the chosen site. Like any other area of design, interactive design must fulfil the basic design rules. In other words, it should make the website beautiful, useful, simple, fun to use, etc. Upon visiting the site, a user should find it helpful in general, and in particular – visually pleasing and straightforward. Website design should leave a user with a good experience. It is very important in order to attract the user for the next time. Interactive web design is about simplifying user working with the site and making it more convenient, useful and enjoyable. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, the importance of web-design became more obvious because the number of tablet and smartphone owners is growing intensively these days. People access internet through their tablets and smartphones for various purposes. This is why it is important to keep on track and improve business according to the modern tendencies of information technology world.

Search Engine Optimization

SGB has a highly competent marketing team which can help navigate your business to greater profits. Even if you run a charity or non-profit organization, you definitely need more recognition. We can bring you the recognition required. Our experts have the required skills and knowledge as they used to work on various projects of various size and accumulated only practical experience which can be implemented to your web site.
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