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We at Sun Gene Byte keep up with the times and implement modern usability, user experience, visual impact, performance and functional solutions for the websites.
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E-commerce & Retail  Services
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With the advent of the Internet, it became a huge platform for online transactions and doing business. The tempo of development of eCommerce market is increasing year by year. More and more businesses decide to go online and this is the right choice to keep up with the future. The changes in the traditional business models are inevitable. Internet provides a range of benefits to the entrepreneurs who want to expand profits. First of all, more and more people are becoming users of the Internet each day. This means that there are more potential clients appear on the Internet. Secondly, the World Wide Web provides relatively low hurdles for entering the market. Therefore, entrepreneurs take less risk and minimize the costs of entering the marketplace. At the same time, the potential gains are limitless because the number of users of the Internet is impressive. Finally, time required for launching eCommerce business is few times lower than required for setting up a traditional business. All benefits of launching eCommerce business can be increased for several times if the right team is chosen for the development of eCommerce business.

It’s high time to improve your business.

Sun Gene Byte is a company, which provides high-quality services on development eCommerce portals and helps your business grow online. We follow our client through the whole process of planning, development, improving and maintaining the website and strive for making your portal outshine competitors, which is one of the key success factors in doing business on the Internet because there are dozens of websites on the web. We always add unique and appealing features for the websites we develop.

We build eCommerce portals so that they reach their main goal – to sell your products.

We offer a range of e-commerce services like:
  • Luminous web design which sells your products
  • Development of shopping cart
  • eCommerce integration
  • Internet marketing services
Our motto is “User experience is of a paramount importance”

The main purpose of eCommerce portal is to sell the product and increase customer retention. In the highly competitive world of eCommerce, the battle for the customer becomes harsher and harsher. Market players invent more sophisticated discount schemes, increase quality of customer service, provide marvelous post-paid services. We at Sun Gene Byte keep up with the times and implement modern usability, user experience, visual impact, performance and functional solutions for e-commerce websites. We realize that customer happiness is a key to customer retention.

As for the technological aspect of the website development, we use state-of-the-arts techniques and methodologies in order to put the most exquisite demands into practice. We at Sun Gene Byte use various programming languages like Ruby on Rails, PHP, HTML5, Python etc. which helps solve the most difficult tasks and add more flexibility to the website.

Use the most popular shopping carts

We also provide contemporary shopping cart development services offering maximum customization possibility. We strive for finding a happy medium between scalability, security and efficiency of our shopping carts so that they become protected from the outward hazards, become easily manageable and include advanced functionality.

We can work on various eCommerce platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify etc. Each of these platforms has its own pros and cons. We provide integration with them and further customization. For example, Magento platform is powerful; however, it is difficult from the perspective of customization. Our team of professionals will provide all required support to customize shopping carts for your website.

Integration with eCommerce simplified

We synchronize payment systems like PayPal, PayFlow, PayPay, PayPaycom, Google Checkout etc. with the shopping cart in order to cover all possible options of payment given to customer. Contemporary calculation and order processing engines provide more flexibility towards customization of taxes, shipping logics, order tracking etc. Analytics and reporting tool helps to analyze business performance and derive the right decisions. We also provide a range of analytical and reporting tools. They include Loyal Users Tracking, Best Seller Reports, Traffic Reports, Shipping and Tax Reposts, Sales and Inventory Reports. The number of various tools enable you to analyze and track the performance of your business, derive KPIs, find the best seller and manage prices and discounts. These tools are powerful enough to conduct comprehensive analysis of business performance, derive respective conclusions, and make appropriate decisions.

Promote your business

Doing business on the internet requires constant promotion of products and services offered. We at Sun Gene Byte provide marketing services in order to boost your sales. Many web-surfers use the internet each day. The goal is how convert a common web-surfer into a visitor of our eCommerce portal and make him or her purchase offered goods or services. We approach this problem from two common point. The first is promotion of the website on the Internet while the second one is increasing usability of the website, recommendations on post-paid services and amelioration of customer loyalty and retention.
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